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Executive Search Services

Executive Search Services

Welcome to MSBA’s new application platform, Revelus! There are two parts to the application process:

  • YOUR PROFILE. This includes your contact information, work and education histories, references, transcripts, license, and resume. Your profile will automatically be included as part of your application(s), and only needs to be completed once.
  • YOUR APPLICATION. You will complete a separate application for each position you are interested in (see list of “Open Searches” below). The application will consist of your profile, cover letter, answers to district-specific questions, and 3-5 letters of recommendation.

Step-by-step instructions may be found here. To save time it is highly recommended you print and review these instructions, then use them to follow along as you proceed.  

Again, welcome to Revelus! When you’re ready to begin, click LOG IN at the top right of this screen and select “Create new account.”

Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Shelby Herrera at

Open Searches

Welcome back to Revelus. As a reminder, instructions may be found here. 

The Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) is currently conducting the following search(es):

No open searches at this time.

Network Search List

These are out-of-state superintendent opportunities available through the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS). MSBA is a proud member of NASS, an affiliation of the National School Boards Association (NSBA).

Title Search Organization Closing Date More Information
Superintendent - North Platte Nebraska Association of School Boards 11/28/2021 More Information
Superintendent Manchester Township New Jersey School Boards Association 10/11/2021 More Information
Superintendent Shore Regional School District New Jersey School Boards Association 10/16/2021 More Information
Celina City Treasurer Ohio School Boards Association 10/2/2021 More Information
Superintendent of Fulton Schools Michigan Association of School Boards 9/29/2021 More Information
Superintendent - Montville Township Public Schools New Jersey School Boards Association 9/21/2021 More Information
Superintendent of Memphis Community Schools Michigan Association of School Boards 9/28/2021 More Information
Director of Schools Tennessee School Boards Association 10/1/2021 More Information